The Atelier

A space where the PRECISON of Artisans capture couture and create a piece so individual to the body. To be particularly focused on finishing every single piece by hand with ELEGANCE, grace and the gentle sophistication that feels complete in every way. The hand tooling of fabrications SCULPTURED perfectly in capturing a modern day interpretation of a timeless design. A creative hub of magic with skills handed down from the past but interpreted to the bride of today and skillfully MADE BY HAND in the Melbourne Cappellazzo Atelier.

The Designer, Sonia Cappellazzo

An ARTISAN whose passion for the art of couture is captured with a modern twist, inspiring modern women with CONFIDENCE, beauty, and refined style.

From an early age, Sonia was surrounded by CREATIVITY. Her mother always together with her dressmaker aunt, creating pieces thoughtfully with laughter and joy on what seemed like an enormous kitchen table. Her father a master cabinetmaker escaping ITALY after the second world war with gifted hands and passsion to survive and succeed. Watching their IDEAS come to fruition and then made to perfection was her BEAUTIFUL WORLD.

Adding this to her years of fashion degrees both in Australia and Italy where the foudations to appreciating the importance of knowing the BEAUTIFUL SHAPES of the female human body with all its wonderful curves is where the PASSION for women to feel beautiful in clothes was born.

Her label Cappellazzo Couture will CELEBRATE 25 YEARS of creating beautiful pieces for beautiful women, ensuring every woman feels confident in the MAGICAL EXPERIENCE OF COUTURE.

Design Philosophy

INNOVATIVE design perfectly balanced with fit and fabrications. Exceptionally crafted LUXURY pieces for ready-to-wear are captured with the hand of couture. The story begins with wanting women to feel beautiful, confident and INSPIRED. Designed with this sensibility in mind within the Cappellazzo Atelier. Innovative fabrications with unique CONTEMPORARY shapes create modern timeless pieces to keep and collect.



I am particularly focused on finishing every piece with an elegance, grace, and gentleness that feels complete.”

– Sonia Cappellazzo, Designer